Story of 333 Samurai

“Samurai sword
Cuts through enemies
Like an air.
Blood and ashes”

Present day.

The brilliant scientist Sato Nakamuro, together with his son Kenji, creates a time machine with which Kenji must change the past in order to save his ancestor and his samurai brothers, who were betrayed and killed for unknown reasons. This is Kenji’s sacred duty, because in the days of feudal Japan, his ancestor Katsu was the only one out of 333 samurai who survived and swore to find out the reason for the betrayal and punish those responsible.

“Soul Catcher” is the name of the machine, the principle is to capture humans DNA code, which is transferred to the past, into the body of his ancestor at a selected time. Thus, a person is able to change the course of events of the past in order to change the future.

Kenji became that person and transferred his soul into Katsu’s body. He had no clear idea of what to do, so he acted at random, gradually recognizing his ancestor, his family, environment, everyday life and the service of a samurai under the command of great daimyo Takesha Nabunaga.
A few weeks later, on the night of the murder of all his brothers in arms, Kenji realizes that the only way to get on the trail of the killers and find out the reasons for the betrayal is to search for all 333 katanas that belonged to the killed samurai.

to be continued…