White Paper


When joined the Elrond blockchain in March, the first thing that came up to our minds, was that “This blockchain needs more 3D and high resolution Awesome, Stunning, Unique and Authentic 3D Art. The idea of Samurai collection is to make the supply small, to make them valuable and not everyone will have it.

Also another idea of a small supply was to make the Samurai collection NFTs the most valuable among other upcoming collections. Holders of these will be an Early supporters who will get the best benefits of the Project in long-term

Art style: The references of Samurais were taken from historical photos, mixed with modern world Hollywood or fan art pictures. While creating, the historical correctness was taken into consideration.

Upgrade: You have already seen what kind of art you will be buying in discord and Twitter. But that’s not the final. With every new upcoming collection or art. We will not be upgrading the old art, we will be creating a new from scratch.


Mission: Our mission is to be open, transparent and sustainable to all members and holders.

The main objective is to;
– Build strong community and make friends. Every successful project consists of a good community.
– Get trust of Elrond community by keeping promise, transparency and voting.
– Love to Detailed ART
– Learn and Teach.
– Grow together
– Development of our own Mobile Game for Android and IOS.
– Have fun Andy stay positive
– And of course Earn liquidity

Short Term vision:
– Building of first collection (High-resolution 3D)
– Get Active community.
– Build strong team who all are different like fingers in hand- but will act as One.
– Get different social media working and give daily, weekly and timely updates.

Long Term vision:
– Farm liquidity and earn EGLD or LKMEX with Community wallet
– Develop our own Play to Earn Samurai Game
– Lifetime Benefits for Samurai NFT holders.
– Digital exhibition (in Metaverse)

Everything is possible through activation of Roadmap


Main collections

1- Samurai collection

2- Ronin collection

Side collections

1- Hattori Hanzo Katanas (Custom)

2- Customized Samurai: TBA

3- Another Collection To be announced in Phase II



Samurai #244

🎏 1 Free Ronin mint

🎏 Special Airdrop

🎏 DAO wallet voting

🎏 Monthly income of LKMEX generated in Farm will be distributed per NFT.  

🎏 Holders will be among first to get news and Benefits from Partner or Collab projects (like WL)

🎏 Get 100% rewards in our Own Future game

🎏 Can apply for a job in Project (if available) His position will be priority

🎏 If holders vote for EGLD staking – then we will stake EGLD instead of LKmeX

🎏 Bushido role

🎏 Game Alpha test

📯 ODO KATANA utility (SFT)

🎏 Whitelist

🎏 Order 1 Hattori Hanzo Katana (Custom- you choose design) 1 SFT = 1 Hattori Hanzo blade

🎏 5% Boost in all future Rewards

🎏 Raffles among holders

🎏 (Having more than 1 utility does not multiple the 5% boost,  but it does multiple your chances during Pickerwheel, where your each Utility will count as 1 input. Like if you have 2 utilities – your name will be put two times.)


🎏 1 Free Ronin Mint per wallet (means that if you have more than 1 utility – you still will get 1 Free Ronin mint only)

🎏 Authentic 1/1 Art

🎏 Discount in Ordering Custom Samurai

🎏 10% boost in all Future rewards

🎏 Raffles among holders 🎏 Having more than 1 utility does not multiple the 5% boost,  but it does multiple your chances during Pickerwheel, where your each Utility will count as 1 input. Like if you have 2 utilities – your name will be put two times.


🎏 Lifetime Benefits

🎏 Second chance in Duel games (P2E games)

🎏 Rumble win will be doubled automatically (if he gets win – it will be count as 2 wins)

🎏 15% reward booster

🎏 Bonus entries in every raffles. (If you are Shogun- your name will be put 2 times)

🎏 5% of Royalty Fee from Ronin collection will be shared among Shogun (monthly)

How to get? You will get Shogun if you have:

  • 1 Samurai NFT
  • 1 Katana SFT
  • 1 Hattori Hanzo katana
  • 1 Tokugawa Jidai art

Or, Having 3 Samurai NFTs will automatically give you Shogun.


Raffles among:

  • Bushido
  • Katana masters
  • Whitelist
  • Tokugawa Jidai art holders
  • Shogun
  • OG Samurai
  • Everyone


  • 40% of EGLD from minting will be added to Community vault. And community will decide what to do with the money through voting.
  • 10% Marketing
  • 20% will go for Art creators
  • 30% will go for Development (DAO, Website, Smart contracts, Game)


Game: Samurai Multiplayer Mobile Game. You pick a samurai and fight till the death.

  • The game physics: 3D engine. 1 round – 1 chance. No revive, No special effects, no magical powers.
  • Time: Development starts after the Sold out of Samurai collection
  • Earn: There will be Tournaments held by the team 4 times a month. (Every week)


📌 4 Player battle Royal.

📌    Clan vs. Clan tournament

📌    Emperor Rumble

📌    Samurai vs. Samurai

Prize: Different amounts of EGLD (from 0,10 egld to 10egld)


🔥 Holders will get 100% reward + utility booster

🔥 Non Holders will get only 15% of the Prize + utility booster

Updated: 03.11.2022