Roadmap v 2.0

🏮 𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐝 𝐈

𑁍︱Create Discord roles ✅

𑁍︱Show community the whole process of making Samurai

𑁍︱Invite people ✅

𑁍︱Create logo and banner for Discord and Twitter ✅

𑁍︱Roadmap announcement ✅

𑁍︱Elrond network research ✅

𑁍︱Create Collections on Frameit. ✅

𑁍︱Katana SFT collection ✅

𑁍︱Tokugawa Jidai 1/1 art 江戸時代-collection ✅

𑁍︱Giveaways and raffles for everyone (Whitelist, OG, NFT, SFT, LKmex) ✅

𑁍︱Utility announcement ✅

𑁍︱Enlarging team ✅

𑁍︱Raffles among Katana SFT holders ✅

𑁍︱Raffles among Whitelist ✅

𑁍︱Start creating Custom katanas ✅

𑁍︱Get Linktree account ✅

𑁍︱Get other socials networks working ✅

𑁍︱Discussion with smart contract expert ✅

𑁍︱Collaboration discussion with other Elrond projects ✅

𑁍︱Smart Contract test ✅

𑁍︱Discuss with compositor regarding buying license for music ✅

𑁍︱Announcement of first ideas for future P2E game. Discussion with game developer. ✅

𑁍︱Whitelist, Public mint price announcement ✅

𑁍︱Create a community wallet ✅

𑁍︱Create Clans- everyone can choose a clan ✅

𑁍︱Website site launch ✅

𑁍︱Samurai mint dates announcement ✅

𑁍︱Partner collab ✅ (CPA Art club)

𑁍︱Whitelist Mint ✅

𑁍︱Public mint ✅

𑁍︱Sold Out  ✅

🏮 Period II

❀︱Air Drop to Samurai holders after mint ✅

❀︱Partner collab ✅ (Zion multiverse)

❀︱Begin Game Development ✅

❀︱Custom Samurai collection announcement ✅ (Updated to Custom Ronin)

❀︱Continue Custom Katana creating 🚧

❀︱Raffles among Katana utility holders ✅

❀︱Raffles among Tokugawa art utility holders ✅

❀︱Raffles among Everyone ✅

❀︱Giveaways ✅

❀︱Raffles among White list ✅

❀︱Raffles among Samurai NFT holders ✅

❀︱Game creation process ✅ (check discord)

❀︱Charity donation 🚧

❀︱Ronin collection announcement 🔒

❀︱Period 3 announcement 🔒